Episode 2: Anxiety and my brain (and body) with Leonie Doran

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It's time for episode two! This one focuses on anxiety, and in it, I talk to wonderful Leo all about how she lives with it. We also talk a little about how she lives with me, because (spoiler alert!) Leo's my partner in life and love (but not crime, to be quite clear!)

We discuss how anxiety entered her life at a relatively tender age, and how she's learned to manage it over the years. Everyone's experience of mental illness is inevitably subjective, but Leo explains how having an understanding of the physiological processes involved in anxiety have helped her to use logic and science to reassure herself when it strikes. 

It's not all serious stuff, though - we also have time to discuss the surprising - but highly entertaining - ways anxiety can affect your daily (or should we say, nightly) life, and mostly manage to stay on topic.

If you'd like more information about anxiety, here are a few resources:

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