about me and my brain...


Hello, I'm Emma, creator of Me and My Brain…

Mental health and mental illness are subjects I'm super-interested in. 

I have over twenty years of personal and professional experience in these areas, having been a registered mental health nurse and also living with mental illness.

Here are some of my intentions for the podcast (and I'm sure this list will keep growing): 

  • to have real conversations about life with mental illness
  • to understand what 'survival' looks and feels like
  • to challenge popular misconceptions about mental illnesses and their treatments
  • to inform, and also challenge stigma
  • to give people who are often misunderstood, misrepresented or marginalised a voice
  • to offer alternatives to the popular tropes of the 'victim story' or 'victory narrative'

And lastly (and I realise I sound like a Miss World contestant here, but I mean it sincerely!):

  • to have fun, learn new skills, and meet interesting people.