Episode 1: All about me, and my brain, and my podcast

mamb episode 1.png

This is indeed the very first episode of Me and My Brain, and I am beyond proud of myself for actually getting it together to create this. I am almost over the horror of listening to my own recorded voice (I never sounds as intelligent as I'd like to, sadly) and editing it wasn't as angst-ridden as I'd anticipated. 

I'm a firm believer in getting my own hands dirty, so I asked myself the kind of questions I'll be putting to my interviewees, and I did it in a random lucky dip fashion to try and keep things spontaneous and not too over-prepared. 

In the episode I talk about stigma, and medication, and share a few of my own tips for coping with life with mental illness. I also (possibly unwisely - we shall see) share an anecdote that features B*Witched-based behaviour. That's piqued your interest, hasn't it?

I'm always happy to discuss anything that I've mentioned in the podcast (the cordless vacuum cleaner I refer to is pretty similar to this one) so feel free to engage in the comments, via email, or over on the Me and My Brain Facebook page

Thanks for being here!