What helped this week



I think I should probably go on more long walks, because every time I go on a long walk I end up writing a blog post. It seems a little too simplistic to be the Answer To Everything, but there's certainly food for thought there.  

Leo and I walked a route known as the Nanny Goat's Walk down to Tan Y Bwlch beach. We didn't see any goats, nanny or otherwise, but there were lots of sheep and lambs. We also saw some sheep that appeared half shorn, with smooth brunette forequarters ad curiously rectangular chunks of matted wool of  their rear ends, like the shearer had given up trying to clip them and was planning on coming back another day to finish the job. Hopefully with a chainsaw or a machete or similarly meaty implement. 

Tan Y Bwlch is probably out best local beach, and what it lacks in ice cream stands and toilets is more than made up for by the dramatic looping rock strata and huge chunks of slate that make up the slowly crumbling cliff face.  

We came across a chap wearing those diamanté-embellished jeans that were a thing about fifteen years ago and always put me in mind of Shakira. He seemed a bit strange, mostly because he was on a Welsh beach in March with no visible jumper or jacket, and we kept our distance and retired to the middle of the beach for an excellent picnic. 


The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfield - this is actually quite a jolly romp, with women in peril, an interpretation of Hamlet,  and lashings of psychoanalysis. My concentration is not wonderful right now, so about twenty pages a night has been ample, and given me time to digest the plot and spot whodunit  (I was mostly correct in my guessing).


Mostly cake, as it's been my birthday this week and I had not one but TWO whole cakes: a galaxy-frosted Red Velvet cake and a small tower of Black Forest Gateau. Excellent, both of them. 


Turmeric lattes/ Golden Milk AKA Pinterest-friendly miracle juice. It took me a while to wade through the cure-for-cancer hyperbole, but folks! This stuff works! It doesn't totally eradicate the chronic arthritic pain I live with, but it definitely helps my joints feel more fluid, which means I move more, and all of that is very welcome indeed. 


I've been thinking a lot about mental health and mental illness this week. I posted this the other day, about how I celebrated World Bipolar Day by sharing my own experiences, and it was a lot less scary nor terrible than I'd anticipated. 


Nothing springs to mind, which can only be a good thing, surely?